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For any track Skipping, DLink Problems, Pls add your comment to corrsponding entries.

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For request(Really?), whine, and more

Remember: Internet is a serious business, always play by the rules

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M3-31 POLL————————————————>

All the DLink & SampleLink will be deleted in a week after the original post date.

The DLink which got deleted will NEVER be re-uped here by any other method whether with request or not.

Today’s login:
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People who ordered before you see this, your confirmation Email title was still the old C85 one, you don’t need to do anything and I will take everything as your M3 order, thanks.

Pay extra attention to deadlines and shipping date this time

5 Promo CDs will be revealed by EoW


How it works:

Every CD you order, you can get a select CD for 50% off (The list below), but remember you can order maximum 6 CDs.

Basically you can maximize the profit by going : order 3 regular CDs + 3 promo select CDs

List of eligible promo CD :

STRLabel - Imitation Disco (500 yen after discount)

DJ’TEKINA//SOMETHING – DJ’TEKINA//SOMETHING (500 yen after discount)

floater-io - Reminiscence (250 yen after discount)

Sound Ave. – CURIOUS 1 (250 yen after discount)

Kenichi Chiba  – LIFE IS LIKE A LIVE!  (500 yen after discount)

How to order:

While you placing the order by using our forms, put down the CDs shown above to the even slots(2,4,6), add “(DC)” after the CD name, and put down the discounted price as your CD price, here is an example.

1: Commission and payment

Commission and price :

  • First CD = Event price  + $15 (USD)
  • Second one and up = Event Price + $10
  • Maximum of 6 CDs
  • Shipping included.
  • Add $10 if you are NOT a resident of these countries : Canada, United States(Exclude Alaska), China(Inc Taiwan).
  • MUST READ: For US and international orders, we’ve added shipment tracking fees into our system by default, check out section 4 in this article for detail.
  • !NEW: some of you might have noticed during past group imports, I randomly chop down your calculated price sometime, this only happens when I feel like it.

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1: if you are still periodically check on this half-dead blog please setup RSS and stop wasting your time.

2: M3-2014 Spring, group import will be hosted as always, but the timing is conflicting with my vacation plan back to China so deadline would be early and shipping date is going to be delayed  for some of the people. detail will be posted after.

3: The hosting service for this blog expires today on next year and I have no plan to renew my subscription at all, besides I’m losing my interest in Doujin music so it’s hard to say what’s going with the group import after the site defunct.

4: One thing that I’m sure of is that we will be making all the album posted here to be available again in a FTP for a period of time before we completely close this site.

5: Do not play Cross x Beats it will suck all your money out of your wallet with in a week or so.

6: Doujin EDM scene has too much Complextro these days.

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