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For request(Really?), whine, and more

Remember: Internet is a serious business, always play by the rules

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M3-31 POLL————————————————>

All the DLink & SampleLink will be deleted in a week after the original post date.

The DLink which got deleted will NEVER be re-uped here by any other method whether with request or not.

Today’s login:
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Failed below:

tabgraphics    Works 11-14

tabgraphics 2013-2014 illustrate


日曜日東シ70ab SKETCH UP! Rec. + TANO*C    会場限定MIX CD(mixed by DOLCE.) (Kinda expected)

日曜日東ラ35b  かめるかめりあ    sudden shower (Kinda expected)

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 Order portal closed, updated spreadsheet will be up tonight


First Batch of confirmation mail sent, check your inbox!, I’m gonna close early as usual this time, so SEND YOUR REQUEST BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE

Early list uploaded here>




Alright same deal this time, I’m still getting used to this web catalog thing (Yes I paid for that stupid subscription, and oh no DVD ver of catalog is available fordownload this time since it needs online serial number verification)  so expect delay for the list and stuff, promo would be revealed next weekend if available.

Also Hint: if you have never done any import with us and still trying to get service after the site goes defunct, you would have to start  with C86.

P.S: JG is retired  and a new guy is buying for us this time, he seems to know his way around usual Japanese scenes so should be ok.

4 Promo CDs revealed

How it works:

Every CD you order, you can get a select CD for 50% off (The list below), but remember you can order maximum 6 CDs.

Basically you can maximize the profit by going : order 3 regular CDs + 3 promo select CDs

List of eligible promo CD :

void - Remind a Locus (500 yen after discount)

Confetto - ばーさす! (500 yen after discount)

Alinut - Some Stories EP (250 yen after discount)

P*Light - A MIDSUMMER DREAMER EP  (250 yen after discount)

How to order:

While you placing the order by using our forms, put down the CDs shown above to the even slots(2,4,6), add “(DC)” after the CD name, and put down the discounted price as your CD price, here is an example.

1: Commission and payment

Commission and price :

  • First CD = Event price  + $15 (USD)
  • Second one and up = Event Price + $10
  • Maximum of 6 CDs
  • Shipping included.
  • Add $10 if you are NOT a resident of these countries : Canada, United States(Exclude Alaska), China(Inc Taiwan).
  • Sometimes a random special discount will be applied on your order.

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