From 4 gamer’s interview with the exclusive producer of Love Plus +, it revealed a new feature in Love Plus + which could prevent you from hurting yourself.

Basically,There is a new feature called “SOS button” , when this trigger is on, the character will start a prerecorded motion and voice sequence to “comfort” you. The original design was that the player could only trigger one time for the entire game, but soon the team compromised and designed the feature could be triggered multiple times when certain requirements are met.

And the producer states: this is a special treat for someone who is in a really deep depression, try not to abuse this function, do not press it for your curiosity.

The team @ Konami is very serious on this, and at the last part of this interview, the producer says the ultimate goal of this feature is to ease the general surviving depression that people have in Japan, and prevent them from suicide or wasting themselves.

The game is coming out on this Thursday, So yeah maybe I would try it out when i have it lol, and yeah the game may stop suicide, but it will make you start doing stupid things like  these.

8 Responses to “My stop suicide coach : Love Plus +”
  1. Muzaffar says:

    You just gotta love Japan… =D

  2. fornever says:

    maybe i can try this game out too…

  3. weeaboo says:

    I lold hard. Wanna gamee.

  4. kpoop says:

    Cool doujin related news bro. It’s like I’m really on sankakucomplex