Group Order

Current Event: M3-41 (4/29)

Current Status: OPEN


!We will be doing this for another year and 2019 will be end of this site. thanks for your support!

!New: Email Verification

When you enter the order form, you will be asked to verify your email, upon entering your email, the system will tell you if you are eligible for discount. ENTER THE EMAIL WHEN YOU DID THE FORM, DO NOT ENTER YOUR PAYPAL EMAIL

!New:Discount Scheme:

Tier 1: People who never participated or participated once with pervious Group Import:

- No Discount , you are paying for the price TO THE WORD described lower this page

Tier 2: People who participated 2+ times

- At least 10% random discount done manually when you receive a final amount from us.

Tier3: People who participated 4+ times

- -$2 to base fee and -$2 to each imported CD automatically adjusted by system PLUS at least 10% random discount, also you get 8 CD cap instead of 6!

1: Commission and payment

Commission and price :

  • First CD = Event price + $15 (USD)
  • Second one and up = Event Price + $10
  • Maximum of 6 CDs
  • Shipping included.
  • Add $10 if you are NOT a resident of these countries: Canada, United States(Exclude Alaska), China(Inc Taiwan).
  • MUST READ: For US and international orders, we've added shipment tracking fees into our system by default, check out section 4 in this article for detail.
  • !NEW: some of you might have noticed during past group imports, I randomly chop down your calculated price sometime, this only happens when I feel like it.

Payment & Refund:

  • Paypal ONLY
  • We use the currency exchange rate on Paypal, it's around 2% lower than the one states on
  • !New:Payment MUST be sent as "Service" option. We do not want our Paypal Account to get in any trouble so you will have to pay 3.5% service fee, the fee is INCLUDED when I sent you the final amount
  • Request deadline : APR 26th : 8:00PM (PST)
  • Payment deadline : OCT 27th : 8:00PM (PST)
  • Refund: if we failed to get what you need, refund will be arranged by the the month after the event. We will be refunding both the fund for CD AND commission

2: Eligibility and Limitation

  • Some of you may demand to buy the same CDs, there is a chance we could not get enough copies of them, it happened before. If we have insufficient copies to provide to everyone who ordered, we will use the first come first serve rules. Basically, the persons who post request early than others will get the available copies. I think this is clear enough.
  • There is also a chance that the CDs case got scratched during the shipment. If this happens to your CD, please understand; otherwise do NOT sign up for this.

3: How to sign up

  • To sign up, Click here to bring up the form, Thx Salaman and my friend who wants to remain anon for all the hard work.
  • If price of a CD is unknown, put down price as "1000″, if you are buying something else other than that CD, put down "0″.
  • This form will do an estimation of your total, just be careful that the total it shows is NOT YOUR FINAL AMOUNT.
  • While filing in your info, if there is any info you are NOT certain about, mail me on the address on FAQ section on the main page.
  • Soon as your order is submitted into our system, you will get a copy of what u just filled in, and we will send you a separate confirmation Email with your final total and my Paypal address to you. (I've heard from 2 ppl already that the emails ended up in their spam folder , no clue how did that happen, but yeah please check your spam folder for it as well.)
  • When you have the fund sent to our Paypal, PLEASE send the Unique Transaction ID of your payment to my email (doujincore'at', you can find it by going through 'View all my transaction' > detail (on that specific record)' on "My Account" page.

4: Delivery

  • Shipping is free
  • !NEW: (Optional) Tracking fees: We have added fees in order to provide tracking on the shipments and ensuring service quality
  • Canada and China orders: Free as always
  • US orders: Adding $5
  • International orders: Adding $15 as a deposit, after your item is en route to you, you will be informed that how much was left after we spending on putting tracking on your package then we will refund that amount back to your paypal.
  • We strongly recommend you to have tracking on your order.However, if you are confident with your local postal service, you could check the "I do not want tracking on my package and I understand that there is no refund if my items are missing during transport." option in Step 2 from the ordering system, then the tracking fees will be automatically subtracted from your estimated amount. But as the option says, we will have NO REFUND ON ANY ORDER SUBMITTED WITHOUT HAVING TRACKING.
  • For any track-enabled order lost during transport, contact us and we will arrange with Canadapost to have refund for you ASAP.

Again, any questions, or concerns, email the email address in FAQ section on the main page.